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I have a feeling that some of these critics who insist immigrants speak English when they arrive on U. These are the tourists you find in Amsterdam or Spain grumbling loudly about having a horrible time because "no one here speaks English!

Is it any wonder that foreigners often view Americans as ignorant, loud, and arrogant? Overall, I enjoyed the commercial and found it creative and fitting for a country whose strength is her diversity.

Women are still not paid the same wages as men for doing the same jobs in the US.

America is beautiful because her people come from across the globe and bring with them their amazing talents, cultures, and yes, languages. As Americans, to quote one of the young girls who sang in the video , "We have the right to be ourselves. US Edition U.

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Double standards in the U.S. is just the American way

English only. Is ancestral suffering actually transmitted to descendants?

If so, how? Hughes goes on to lament the double standard the public applies to famous black writers. For example:. The celebrated journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates provides another example of the lower ethical standard to which black writers are held. I had no sympathy for the firefighters, and something bordering on hatred for the police officers who had died.

From a white writer, an innocuous tweet provokes histrionic invective. But we make an exception for blacks.

From cage fight to courtroom: the glaring injustice of Islamophobia – Muslim Legal Fund of America

An identical piece with the races reversed would rightly be relegated to fringe white supremacist forums. Progressives ought not dodge the question: Why are blacks the only ethnic group routinely and openly encouraged to nurse stale grievances back to life? Read the whole thing. Hughes is a black undergraduate at an Ivy League university, yet he has no been afraid to say what has been unsayable.

That man has guts. By the way, his essay is not merely an exercise in whataboutism. He addresses real philosophical and moral concerns in it. For example, in a previous job, I observed that some liberals in the newsroom viewed local Muslims through the lens of the culture war between liberals and conservatives, and did not want to hold them to the same standard with regard to extremist rhetoric, apparently because doing so might encourage conservatives in their own biases.

Rod Dreher

In his written work and spoken advocacy, Curry advocates what can only be described as anti-white hatred. But there is a different standard for bigots from the left. This is precisely the double standard that Coleman Hughes decries.

Ingraham: A first lady double standard?

It is lucrative for radicals like Curry, Coates, and others, but a just society should hold us all to the same standard of discourse and morality. This is one aspect of the Enlightenment that I am eager to defend. Rod Dreher E-mail Rod Follow roddreher.

For example: The celebrated journalist Ta-Nehisi Coates provides another example of the lower ethical standard to which black writers are held.