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Clear off light! The doors have all been glossed each one a silver handle is present! The tv is resting now. Johnny walker Nov I'll be missing you Helen, especially now that Christmas Is nearly upon us, first Christmas entirely alone, how lonely can that be so strange having never been apart In our twenty years together side by side that's how we always we're so lost and lonely now, as for this Christmas just can't do It any more, for It will never be the same.

Abubakari Yushawu Dec What is this feeling that tells me to sacrifice my life for her? What is this feeling that tells me to protect her all my life? What is this feeling that tells me to be with her all my life? I think I am going crazy. Big Virge Sep To You They Seem To Me Don't They The Things That People Don't Worry Folks That People How About Start Things Off Coc' Head " Sponsorship GONE Hasn't She The BIZ' Are Showing Support People Like Ahhh Yes Robbies' PLEA Could There Be Some More While Others Live In Take Your Time Think It Through While I Give You Some More Proof That People Make Why Do Girls Act So Make Men Feel They Aren't Cool But Get When Men The Chance To Maybe Because They're Getting In Their Bed Get Me VEX Act As Though What's In Their Head Should Make A Man Kneel Down And Just To Some Time With Them Texting Now Leaves Me Said It Before And Will But Nowadays It's Used In Ways That's Why I Like And Use Their Words Get Them VEX Should I show you babe?

Oh, read what you meant, between the lines? What I Mean!!! And Sometimes Like They're It Seems Some Girls That's Why These Days I Now Getting Into Womens' Games My Friends And I You Get With A But See That She's She Says You Say But Here's The She Now But Then When You In The Here It Comes In Front Your Crew When We Leave Waiting There Play It Out But Then She Starts When You Say What Does She Do Stand There And Know The Coup Fellas Too Sometimes Make Brings Me Back To The The Things That People Sometimes Don't They To Natalie Mar Strange Whispers.

Words, words, worms! My mind is swarmed With them.

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Ants file in through the sticky Canals, chattering, stamping their little black feet. They use me. I am their harboring medium, A visitor in my own head. Black, empty mouths flutter and dance and signal Amongst themselves, crowding my skull, A murmuration of phrases and guttural sounds. I mustn't tell fully what they say.

They draw forth black and bubbling swamps, Wicked crows, the yawping millions, pecking, Pecking, gouging with yammering beaks At every smooth, young innocent. There is death in this tumult of words. Let it not take me. Pagan Paul Jan Jerrica had found Lost. The treasure buried above ground. Smoke a little pot with me. If reincarnation really is true, Not lies made by a deceiver, Then why does nobody ever remember A life where they were an amoeba?

Worms are skinny, Worms are fat, They live in the ground, They live in the cat. Some can swim; None can fly. Chop them in half And they multiply. To sum up their use In a few choice words: They aerate the soil And feed the birds. The story that is told By a severely flattened toad, Is of evidential failure In attempts to cross the road. A bee flew by And hit my eye, Yesterday, at twelve.

Funny children's poetry: "The worm that wouldn't wiggle" - poems for kids

Thou dost creep within the night; Damp ground and air to aid thy flight. The darkness keepeth thee from sight, While on my lettuce thou dost bite And drape with slime. But thou hast crept too stealthily; And was not this the death of thee? For though it was too dark to see, A noise could have prevented me From crushing thee last night.

The ending of the floor Has caught me unawares.

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Who could have thought that here Such delight can be found? On the causeway of St. Of course you might have said you did, But then you might have lied. O wasp upon my window sill, How dull thy once dread sting! Thy presence brought foreboding Of the pain that thou couldst bring; And this caused me to cudgel thee, Thou wretched, wretched thing. I am a protozoa: Behold my polar rings! I luncheon on red blood cells, And do some wicked things. I am Apicomplexan, A parasitic breed.

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You know me as malaria, And I am vile indeed. Chickens look peculiar. They feed on worms and seed. They scratch and cluck and peck all day, Or sit there laying eggs. Chickens are all feathery. They strut about with pride.

By This Poet

Although chickens have got wings No one lets them fly. Chickens in the chicken hut. Chickens in the yard. You can eat most of them, But their beaks are pretty hard. On safari out in Africa, When I was just a child, We shot a monkey every day; It used to drive them wild. Far and wide we searched for some, But, alas, all were dead.

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Do worms have their own worm law? Do they squeal, shriek or roar? Are their nests of fluff or straw? And do they have a bathroom door? Have you seen a real worm nest? Dipped your toe in for a test?

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Would they welcome such a guest? Or would they just be unimpressed? When near the worm nest please beware. Where you are treading have a care.

Longer Funny Christmas Poems

Then, as I was bowled out With the head of a trout, We heard a feint knock at the door. The dogs gave a bark; And we thought it a lark As the door was nowhere to be seen. So they ran round in squares At the top of the stairs, Chasing a lima bean. We all stood aghast As a crumpet flew past, Unbuttered and not even toasted. Tinkle, Tinkle Little Car. View All Short Funny Poems. Menu Search Login Loving.

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Keep me logged in. Funny Poems Email Share. Cute Poems. Those who have studied poetry know that rhyming is only one style of writing a poem.

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The real criterion that defines a poem is whether I am writing something that could not be conveyed in prose. The strict grammatical rules that define prose have no place for a real poem's sentiment. At the same time a poem doesn't need to convey a profound message in order to qualify. A poem that is cute may very easily fit the this criterion as well. Funny Love Poems. There is a line from a country song that goes, "sometimes life's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers". It describes a man who sees his high school sweetheart at a high school reunion.